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Zayn Malik by GermanyItaly Zayn Malik :icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 0 Rrrrroses by GermanyItaly
Mature content
Rrrrroses :icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 0
Time, oh time,
How I loathe your existence.
How cruel, how cruel,
My darling time,
How cruel you always can be.
Oh time, my dear,
You've taken from me
The ones I held so near.
My oh my, lovely time,
How I wish you were simply a myth.
You can scream,
You can cry,
But there's no escape from
The evil that is time.
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A hidden Talent: Chapter Two
"What do you mean 'we barely know each other'?" Tyler felt a lump form in her throat. "Is this some kind of cruel joke or something?" Her voice cracked and rose in panic.
"Tyler, I… I don't understand… What…? Okay, you need to relax," Adam nearly fell out of his seat, trying to calm her down.
"How can I relax when you say we've never met?" Tyler was basically screaming, now with the attention of everyone on them.
"That's never bothered you before…!"
"That's because it isn't true!"
"If you're trying to upset me for some strange reason, you can stop now, because you've succeeded. No, you've beyond succeeded. You've done a god-worthy job. Congratulations!" Tyler's heart broke in a way she never thought possible. She whipped away tears and turned to the teacher.
"Don't ask. Just go," the teacher gestured to the door, and Tyler gladly hurried out, and locked herself in the first stall. She curled up on the floor with her back resting against the white-tile wall
:icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 2
A hidden Talent: Chapter One
"Tyler!" her mother called through the doorway, "Wake up! If you miss the bus, no one is driving you!"
"Fi-i-i-i-ine," Tyler moaned sleepily in response.
"Now," demanded her mother.
"Alright!"  Tyler rolled out from under the blanket and jumped up-and-down, waving her arms. "I'm awake."
"Get dressed."
"I'm going to school naked," Tyler sarcastically joked, closing the door and walking to the closet. She decided today to be a casual day—jeans and a t-shirt. She dressed and brushed her red-dyed hair; spraying it with water and pulling it up to partially tame it in the day's humidity. Looking at the clock, which said 6:57, she decided to check the weather and finish the last of her Algebra problems she was assigned for homework.
"Tyler Anne! You have five minutes! Get down here and eat!" called Mrs. James.
Five minutes? Tyler thought. She looked at the clock; 7:35. Oh man! She shot up, collected her things, and ran. "Bye mom, love you!"
"Take a muffin, please?" Tyler's moth
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Kanaya by GermanyItaly Kanaya :icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 1 6 It's cannon. by GermanyItaly It's cannon. :icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 1 0 Annabeth and Antonio by GermanyItaly Annabeth and Antonio :icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 2
▲: :33
:icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 15 4
Hot Summer Days
She stood from the plastic lounge chair, and quickly walked through the dying grass, careful not to step on any bees or wasps. Moving quickly, she walked into the shade of the porch and set down her towel.
"I think I'm getting back in the pool," she said to her grandmother and her grandmother's friend.
"Okay," they replied.
Quickly, she typed on her cell phone keyboard "I'm jumping back in i'll talk to you later. Love you<3" as stars and darkness clouded her vision. She locked her phone and set it on the glass table before the pressure in her head took over and her knees went weak. She was completely blinded and the ringing in her ears was overpowering. She barely heard her name being called from what seemed like miles and miles away. Her body was numb and she was shaking horribly. The darkness and the stars began to clear just enough for her to see. She was on the concrete in her grandmother's arms.
"Get water!" she demanded.
"I'm alright. I'm okay," the girl on the ground said wit
:icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 2
To my friend Sam by GermanyItaly To my friend Sam :icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 0
She sat on his lap as they stared into each others eyes.
For what its worth, it was worth all the while, protruded from the speakers of the laptop.
It's something unpredictable, they finished the song, buy in the end, it's right. I hope you had the time of your life...
Their voices trailed off as their lips drew closer-as if two magnets-and finally connected as the song restarted.
:icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 3
Time of your life
It's something unpredictable
But in the end it's right
I hope you have the time of your life
:icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 2
Dani, Kill the spare
"Dani? Dani! Wait, what are you doing? Dani! No! Please! Dani plea--"
The pointed end of the umbrella drove its self deep into Hail's andominal muscle. The glazed look in Dani's eyes faded away and her emotionless mask evaporated into fear and regret. She pulled the weapon out of her dying best friend's stomach and threw it to the left.
"Hail!" she cried, stumbling over and lying the small other on her lap, "Hail, I'm so sorry! I didn't know what I was doing!"
Hail turned to Dani with a weak, bloody smile, "I knew that wasn't you. That could never be you, Dani."
Tears rolled hurriedly down Dani's cheeks as she tried to peice together the situation. "Maybe if we get you to--"
"It's too late, man, I'm done for."
"Dani... Thank you," Hail was whispering now, becoming weaker with every breath.
"What could you be thanking me for?" Dani replied hysterically.
"For accepting me... For not teasing me so much about my smartness... For,"-she coughed-"being there for me, no matter what
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Tavros by GermanyItaly Tavros :icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 7 Candlestick by GermanyItaly Candlestick :icongermanyitaly:GermanyItaly 0 2


Speedpainting 1 by Felolira Speedpainting 1 :iconfelolira:Felolira 28 23 Akatsuki Genderbend by NobodyTwice Akatsuki Genderbend :iconnobodytwice:NobodyTwice 434 111 [MMDxAPH] I Love You by Sickena [MMDxAPH] I Love You :iconsickena:Sickena 115 37 BEEP BEEP by captainashletART BEEP BEEP :iconcaptainashletart:captainashletART 1,237 117 uHH,,, rAWR!? .:Tavros Chibi Lineart:. by Camsee-Mystery uHH,,, rAWR!? .:Tavros Chibi Lineart:. :iconcamsee-mystery:Camsee-Mystery 62 75 HS: 08161202 by Zilleniose HS: 08161202 :iconzilleniose:Zilleniose 883 28 COMMISSION - Eridan and Sollux by Life-Writer COMMISSION - Eridan and Sollux :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 859 43 Juki Jukumari ORIGENES by juki-jukumari Juki Jukumari ORIGENES :iconjuki-jukumari:juki-jukumari 1 0 Homestuck Pile by HiyaJinxx Homestuck Pile :iconhiyajinxx:HiyaJinxx 3,691 136 My Little Pony Scalemates by ARAnjelais My Little Pony Scalemates :iconaranjelais:ARAnjelais 53 2 krabby kat by loonytwin krabby kat :iconloonytwin:loonytwin 1,005 39 GodTierHetaOniItaly by IWantNoodles GodTierHetaOniItaly :iconiwantnoodles:IWantNoodles 84 28 Troll asses by waluouija Troll asses :iconwaluouija:waluouija 50 18 Harley by Dragoniferous Harley :icondragoniferous:Dragoniferous 42 2
Tavros Terezi
▲: *Terezi came out of a dressing room with a beautifully made dress it's ruffled ends were the color of teal and the rest of the dress was bright gleaming red* HOW DO 1 LOOK?
▼: *Tavros, being the only one within sight or earshot of Terezi turned his chair around to look, and was instantly glad Terezi was blind as his face turned a dark brown*
▲: *Terezi smiled wide* TH4NKS T4V! H3H3H3 *she spun around making the dress reveal her long slender legs*
▼: *If this kept up for much longer, Tavros's face was going to resemble a chocolate bar. However, he managed to keep his voice even, or as even as his voice normally was*
▲: *she wipes the dress off*4ND 1 LOV3 R3D SO 1T F1T
▼: "i SEE, WELL, i CAN'
:iconxenopred-shani:xenopred-shani 3 2



I never posted a farewell when I originally left, so I guess this is it.

If any of you are still on here and still want to contact me, I have a Tumblr, Twitter, and an Instagram.
:bulletred: Tumblr: spoop-noodles
:bulletblue: Twitter/Instagram: @imlike5wholegay

I wish you all the best. Thanks for a wild ride. ♡


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Well, I'm here for art. I draw and I wright. I am a little random, but then again, that shouldn't be a problem. I speak a little of a lot of languages, and I procrastinate.

Umm... That's about it...

Favorite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, Metal
Favorite style of art: Scenic/Abstract/Anime
Favorite cartoon character: ... what
Personal Quote: "Best thing since sex in a bottle."


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